Friday, May 29, 2009


Names changed for privacy purpose....

Mr Rakesh Gupta....56 years..

Mr. Gupta says, Rushivar, i have been doing these types of programmes off and on. I have attended the Sudarshan Kriya, and Meditation related programmes... doing KENOSIS, in your guidence is a strange experience...
.. during the PROACTIVE MEDITATION, I discovered that something very cool and soothing entering my body from top. and fire like heat is leaving my body from behind, entering the something much more while undergoing this fantastic FEEL, than explaing in words. The positive energy is cool and welcomed, while the negativity is fire like and we want to get rid of it.

Thankyou Rushivar for making me experience this feeling , i am indeed blessed to be a part of KENOSIS FOUNDATION.....thanks again.



Name changed for privacy....

I am basically a short tempered and aggressive person. Today morning during usual chores, there was a heated scene in the household, but after attending Yesterdays Kenosis Foundation, i was in a different frame of mind.
I withheld the anger into me thinking of the three FACTORIES , Rushivar told us ..

1. Ice factory - in head.

2. Sugar factory - in tongue.

3. Love factory - in heart .

This placement of factories will give YOU , Satisfactory.

Thankyou Rushivar. Applying of your Kenosis teachings resulted in immense tangible benefits, and I intend to practice it forever. I am happy that I attended KENOSIS. Thankyou again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Pujyapaad Rushivar emphasised,

The wise never critisise, otherwise do !!!!!

So to purify ones own speech we must learn to speak less and keep silence.
Maun me vaani ki shuddhi hoti hai, vaani siddh hoti hai..

1. listen 60% , talk 40%.
2. Laugh.
3. Stay on purpose and not the outcome.
4. Read something inspirational.
5. Sleep (Qualitative).

If you want to become TANsen then try to become KAANsen.....